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From the Chair

Professor and Chair Dawn Sumner

Professor and Chair Dawn Sumner

2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Earth and Planetary Sciences,

I am pleased to announce the latest edition of the UC Davis Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading about the teaching and research currently going on in the department.

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Wednesday Seminar: 4 pm in 55 Roessler

February 4, 2015: “Coastal Flood Prediction: Implications of modeling methodology, infrastructure and coastal management” – by Dr. Timu Gallien, UC San Diego

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Mission To Antarctica

Why would geologists be studying bacteria at the bottom of a lake in Antarctica to better understand whether life once existed on other planets? Learning how microbial communities affect the shaping of bio-chemical structures called stromatolites could help researchers understand whether living bacteria was present in the formation of geological structures on Mars.

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