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Honors & Awards

  • Rob Zierenberg has received the AIPG Section Leadership Award. "Dr. Robert Zierenberg understands the value that AIPG provides geology students in career development, ethics and technical professionalism. He is a true mentor for his students and an example of leadership that models AIPG’s ethical conduct, professional responsibility and competence. "
  • Geerat Vermeij has been awarded the 2017 Fellows Medal by the Science Council of the California Academy of Sciences. This medal is the Academy's highest honor and is awarded to "especially prominent scientists who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to their specific field(s) of science."
  • Magali Billen has received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Berlin. This award is given to internationally renowned scientists who completed their doctorates within the last 18 years.
  • Isabel Montañez is the 2017 recipient of the Laurence L. Sloss Award. The award is given annually by the Geological Society of America in recognition of outstanding career contributions to the interdisciplinary field of sedimentary geology. This award is the Sedimentary Geology Division's highest honor; it is given in recognition of Professor Montañez's sustained level of scientific contributions to sedimentary geology, service to the society, and inspiration to many young women geoscientists. From UC Davis News.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences Newsletter

From Chair and Professor Mike Oskin

Dear Alumni and Friends of UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences:

I proudly send you the latest edition of the UC Davis Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about the exciting teaching and research in the department.

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positions available

There are currently no academic positions available in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at UC Davis.

Diversity Statement

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is committed to creating a community that respects each person as an individual. We promote diversity, creativity, and rigorous intellectual inquiry for all members of our department and the University community, through excellence in research, teaching, mentoring, and service. Diversity and excellence – in perspectives, scientific approaches, and contributions to society – are the cornerstones of our success as a department. 

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Wednesday Seminar: 4 pm Wed in 55 Roessler

May 23, 2018: “Imaging Tectonic Plates with Surface and Converted Waves” – by Dr. Ved Lekic, University of Maryland

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Irina Delusina

From Public Television of Russia

"The Hamburgs Reckoning” (a Russian idiom meaning “Unbiased Evaluation”)

Research Scientist Irina Delusina is interviewed on Russian Public Television about global warming: does it really exist; are US scientists in agreement about the anthropogenic cause of global warming; and what is the public perception of this concept.

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