Chair's Letter

Winter 2017

Dear Friends of Earth and Planetary Sciences,

As we begin the new year, the rainstorms are moving through the region, reminding us of Will Durant’s observation that "Civilization exists by geologic consent, subject to change without notice".  I am grateful for the water to replenish our surface reservoirs, hopeful that flood damage is limited, and mindful that our groundwater resources remain fragile.   

The department continues to thrive, with an outstanding and diverse group of students, staff, researchers and faculty, and laboratories, field programs, and computer modeling all going well. The number of Geology majors continues to grow. A new shock wave lab is now running experiments. Department researchers have been making an impact on wide ranging topics, including oysters’ response to ocean acidification, evolution of ocean composition and of atmospheric CO2 through deep time, geothermal and volcanic processes in Iceland and beyond, and the origin of the Moon, among many others.  

I hope your Winter Quarter is full of the joy of discovery and learning.

Best wishes,

Louise Kellogg
Professor and Interim Chair

Earth and Physical Sciences building