Rob Zierenberg standing next to recent lava flow.

Rob Zierenberg on Kilauea Volcano, the Big Island, Hawaii.

Robert A. Zierenberg

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Wisconsin (1983)
GeochemistryIgneous and Metamorphic PetrologyEarth-Surface Processes

Aqueous geochemistry; stable isotope geochemistry; economic geology. Research has focused on water/rock interaction in active and ancient hydrothermal systems, including the "black smokers" on the mid-ocean ridges. Research topics include the geology and geochemistry of sulfide deposits and hydrothermal alteration in seafloor hydrothermal systems and on-land analogs. Hydrothermal activity at sediment-covered portions of the northern Juan de Fuca Ridge and southern Gorda Ridge seafloor spreading centers have been a long term research interest, including participation in Legs 139 and169 of the Ocean Drilling Program. The Iceland Deep Drilling Project is providing new opportunities to investigate water/rock interaction in the deep, high-temperature roots of hydrothermal systems. Other interests include the environmental effects of mining, particularly the generation of acid mine drainage, mercury contamination in Clear Lake related to the abandoned Sulphur Bank Hg mine, the geochemical and biological cycling of sulfur, and sulfur isotope geochemistry.
(530) 752-1863

GEL 138: Introductory Volcanology

Recent Publications

Zierenberg, RA, P Schiffman, GH Barfod, CE Lesher, NE Marks, JB Lowenstern, AK Mortensen, EC Pope, DK Bird, MH Reed, GO Frioleifsson and WA Elders (2013) Composition and origin of rhyolite melt intersected by drilling in the Krafla geothermal field, Iceland. CONTRIBUTIONS TO MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY. 165(2):327-347. DOI: 10.1007/s00410-012-0811-z

Pauly, BD, P Schiffman, RA Zierenberg and DA Clague (2011) Environmental and chemical controls on palagonitization. GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS. 12(12) DOI: 10.1029/2011GC003639

Elders, WA, GO Frioleifsson, RA Zierenberg, EC Pope, AK Mortensen, A Guomundsson, JB Lowenstern, NE Marks, L Owens, DK Bird, M Reed, NJ Olsen and P Schiffman (2011) Origin of a rhyolite that intruded a geothermal well while drilling at the Krafla volcano, Iceland. GEOLOGY. 39(3):231-234. DOI: 10.1130/G31393.1

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