Remembering Rand


Memories of Rand Schaal

From Terry K.

The news that Rand Schaal has passed away is especially sad for me because he was one of my best and closest friends. It closes a friendship that originated at UC Davis (1970), continued at UCLA, where we were office mates, and in Houston, where Rand was doing shock metamorphism experiments at Johnson Space Center, and I was working at Shell Research. During that time, he was the best man at Susan and my 1977 wedding in Big Sur, California (see photo left). 

Although I could expound on his scientific accomplishments and our many interesting geologic conversations, ranging from moons to eclogites, it was our close personal friendship that I think about at this time, of playing darts or Frisbee golf on campus, touring through the Yucatan Peninsula, flying in his ultra-light, or playing chess at his mini-vineyard in Davis. Rand never let the pressures of teaching or publishing get in the way of his enjoyment of life, and in so doing, made life better for those of us around him.

Susan, I, and our daughters, will miss him, but will always be proud of having a friend who left such a legacy to the institutions and people who were lucky enough to have known him.