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Found a rock you would like identified?
Think you discovered a fossil?
Curious about a geological process?

Our faculty is available to help answer your geology questions. Simply send an email to Where applicable, please include a high resolution photo along with your written request/description. One of our faculty specialists will respond to your email. We do not recommend that you visit without an appointment; our faculty actively teach throughout the day and may be unavailable to help you during your visit.

Thank you for contacting the UC Davis Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences!

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions to help you get started in the right direction.

Did I find a meteorite?

If you believe that you have found a meteorite sample, we suggest that you first go to one these web sites. Here you will find information on some diagnostic tests, several of which you can do at home:

Who made this item?

Geologists study rocks and minerals, but not the things which humans inscribe on them (like pictographs) or make out of them (like bowls). If you have a rock like this, you should contact the UCD Anthropology Department:

Where can I collect rocks and fossils?

There are laws and regulations regarding rock and fossil collecting on public and private lands in the United States. Laws will vary among sites managed by different federal, state, and local agencies; private land owners will have their own regulations. Prior to doing any collecting, you should research the land ownership and collecting policies for that area.

Information to get you started: