Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Wednesday Seminar

4:10 PM, 55 Roessler
Tea and cookies at 3:45 in the aviary - (2110 EPS)

“Compressible Magma/Mantle Dynamics: 3d, Adaptive Simulations in ASPECT”

      – by Juliane Dannberg, Colorado State University

Melt generation and migration are an important link between surface processes and the thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth's interior. However, due to the vastly different time and length scales of the motion of solid and molten rock, it is difficult to study these processes in a unified framework, especially in three-dimensional, global models.

I present the open source finite element code ASPECT, which simulates coupled magma/mantle dynamics using adaptively refined meshes. Applying adaptive mesh refinement to this type of problems is particularly advantageous, as the resolution can be increased in areas where melt is present and viscosity gradients are high, whereas a lower resolution is sufficient in regions without melt. Together with a high-performance, massively parallel implementation, this allows for high resolution, 3d, compressible, global mantle convection simulations coupled with melt migration. This formulation of magma dynamics provides a framework for modelling processes on different scales and investigating links between processes occurring in the deep mantle and melt generation and migration.

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