Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

CIG Webinar

11:00 AM, online via zoom

“New developments in AxiSEM/Instaseis for seismic wave propagation on local scales”

      – by Lion Krischer, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Simon Staehler, and Martin van Driel, ETH Zurich

Instaseis (http://instaseis.net) is a Python tool to quickly extract high-frequency seismograms for any source-receiver geometry from databases generated with AxiSEM (http://axisem.info/). So far it has been limited to global datasets, which in turn limited the maximum frequencies due to exploding storage requirements; a number of global databases are hosted by the IRIS DMC (http://ds.iris.edu/ds/products/syngine/). We recently expanded the AxiSEM/Instaseis combination to additionally handle local scale simulations as well as databases, which enables much higher frequencies.

In this webinar, we present a short overview of the theory behind AxiSEM/Instaseis, highlight the new extensions for local scale simulations and databases, and show a short practical tutorial on how to use it.

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