Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Wednesday Seminar

4:10 PM, 55 Roessler
Tea and cookies at 3:45 in the aviary - (2110 EPS)

“Neo-ecology meets deep time: Reconstructing plant paleo niches in the Late Cretaceous of Wyoming”

      – by Dr. Caroline Stromberg, Department of Biology, University of Washington

The ecology of flowering has been hotly debated. For example, it has often been hypothesized that they primarily occupied disturbed habitats. I will talk about work on the ~73 Ma Big Cedar Ridge (BCR) flora, Wyoming that seeks to better understand the role that flowering in situ preservation of BCR vegetation at the base of an ashfall, we are able to apply neo-ecological niche modeling to address this question. Our data suggest that many flowering plants display distributions consistent with living in disturbed habitats, the range of reconstructed 'paleo niches' points to more ecological differentiation than previously imagined.

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