the week of Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, Wednesday Seminar

4:10 PM, 55 Roessler
Tea and cookies at 3:45 in the aviary - (2110 EPS)

“Fast computation of deformation and stress response to crustal heterogeneities”

      – by Lanbo Liu, University of Connecticut

The relatively uniform regional tectonic stress field can be altered by the topography relief and the crustal heterogeneities in the continents. These alternations can be moderate in some cases, while can be significant in others. To account for the effects of crustal heterogeneities to deformation and the stress field the commonly used computational tool is numerical modeling such as the finite element method. In this talk I will discuss a semi-analytical approach that uses the combination of stress Green’s functions and the perturbation theory to conduct the deformation and stress computation. This approach is an expansion of our previous work (Liu and Zoback, JGR 1992) that considered only the external load (topography) on the surface of the half-space, to include bother the external load and the internal loads (crustal heterogeneities). Compared to the finite element computation, this approach is much faster. Meanwhile, it can also reach the desired accuracy.

I will demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by applying it to a number of tectonic problems, such as the surface deformation and stress alternation caused by lower crust intruded rift pillows and its tectonic and seismological implications.

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Friday, May 5th, 2017, Friday Brown Bag

12:10 PM, 1316 Earth and Physical Sciences

“Communicating through a mobile app to promote risk resilience: Learning how to reach, teach, and inspire (a live demo)”

      – by Dr. Ross Stein, Tremblor, Inc./ Standford/ USGS (Emeritus)

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