Undergraduate Commencement

Student Honors & Awards

Departmental Honors.
Students graduating from the College of Letters & Science are eligible for Departmental Honors, depending on their GPA and whether or not they complete a Senior Thesis.

Graduating with Honors. Students who graduate with a GPA in the top percentages of their college will automatically graduate with Honors.

Graduating with High or Highest Honors. Students who qualify for Honors at graduation may also be eligible for High or Highest honors, based upon the quality of their Senior Thesis (GEL 194A-194B) or Senior Honors Thesis (GEL 194HA-194HB). Students must have a qualifying GPA to be eligible to enroll in the Senior Honors Thesis (GEL 194HA-194HB).

The thesis must span two quarters and be supervised by a faculty member in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. 

Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships.
The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences nominates students each year for awards and scholarships based on high achievement, involvement in co-curricular endeavors, and potential as a scientist. 

Graduate Honors and Awards.