Teaching Credential Programs

The Mathematics and Science Teaching Program (MAST)

CalTeach/MAST is a contribution to the UC Science and Mathematics Initiative.

Our mission is to increase the number and quality of math and science teachers by:

  • Enriching students’ experiences in math and science classrooms
  • Offering academic opportunities to work in K-12 classrooms
  • Giving effective academic advice
  • Creating multiple pathways for K-12 teacher preparation
  • Meeting the needs of under-represented students
  • Reducing the attrition of math and science majors
  • Increasing articulation and outreach to high school and community college students

CalTeach/MAST Program Director: Sandy Carlson
CalTeach/MAST Academic CoordinatorsMary-Betty Stevenson and Susanne Pinter

Natural Sciences Major

Students looking for broad training in science and mathematics and preparing for teaching credentials in Integrated Science may be interested in the interdisciplinary major program titled Natural Sciences. This major provides significant breadth in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics and mathematics while offering additional depth in two of the natural sciences. It is especially designed to meet the needs of prospective science teachers, but will also serve students who wish to acquire training in more than one science.

Teaching Credential Subject Representative: Tessa Hill