Howard J. Spero

Distinguished Professor
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara (1986)
3131 Earth & Physical Sci | 530-752-3307
Geochemistry and CosmochemistryGeobiology and Paleobiology

Dr. Spero's research focuses on the biological and environmental parameters that affect the stable isotope and trace metal geochemistry of the shells of recent and fossil organisms; paleoclimatology, marine micropaleontology, and paleoceanography. An ongoing multi-year field research program involving undergraduate and graduate students has been studying living planktonic foraminifera in the Southern California Borderland and the Caribbean. The results of this study are being used to interpret fossil foraminifera stable isotope data from Indian and Atlantic Ocean deep sea cores in order to reconstruct paleoenvironmental sea surface temperatures, nutrient levels and CO2 concentrations during the Pleistocene.

UC Davis Stable Isotope Laboratory
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