Students on an incline.

Geology Graduate Advisors

There are four graduate advisors in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department. They handle almost all graduate affairs on behalf of the Geology Graduate Program (GGP), and sign the numerous forms that a student must submit during his/her graduate career.

  • Chair of the Geology Graduate Program: Dr. Magali Billen
    In charge of continuing student matters; assigns TAs; and handles student evaluations and progress meetings. Also approves and signs most forms and petitions to Graduate Studies.
  • Admissions Chair: Dr. Eric Cowgill
    Handles admissions and new students.
  • Fellowships and Educational Policy Chair: Dr. Dawn Sumner
    Handles graduate student support such as fellowships and TA assignments.

In addition, students may receive additional assistance from the department's Graduate Program Coordinator, Mandy Rousseau.

All advisors may be reached by mail at:

Earth and Planetary Sciences Department
UC Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616

or by phone at (530) 752-0350.