Dawn Sumner with the Mars Rover Curiosity in the background

Dawn Sumner at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. In the background, inside JPL's clean room, is the Mars Rover Curiousity.

Dawn Y. Sumner

Chancellor's Fellow, 2003-2004, UC Davis
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1995)
Geochemistry; PaleobiologyPaleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental ChangePlanetary ScienceNEAT; Earth-Surface Processes

My research focuses on reconstructing ancient environments on early Earth and Mars and the early evolution of bacteria, including oxygenic photosynthesis. My group studies everything from the environmental setting, geochemistry and morphology of Archean microbialites to the morphology, climate response, and genomics of modern microbial communities growing in ice-covered Antarctic lakes to the stratigraphy and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks on Mars. I am a member of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, helping the rover Curiosity explore ancient environments in Gale Crater on Mars. I regularly share my research and adventures with the public and am dedicated to helping students of all backgrounds prepare for careers in science.

(530) 752-5353

UC Davis W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences
Sumner publications: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=723TEFUAAAAJ&hl=en

Recent Publications

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