Remembering Rand


Memories of Rand Schaal

From Jennifer R.

I was in Moondude’s planetary geology class during the quarter that he had his stroke in 1998. I was very bummed when that happened because he was an awesome professor. (Still am kind of bummed to this day, really.) He was one of the best professors I had here and definitely in the top for being entertaining. We started classes on a Friday in spring quarter and he spent the first day showing us slides of various characters from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (I think he was a fan of Beverly Crusher) because he knew that some folks would naturally ah, miss the first day of classes and that way those of us who did show up would be entertained and those who didn’t wouldn’t miss anything important! He also printed out his entire notes for the class—I think this was for free, actually!—ahead of time so nobody had to take notes and we could just enjoy the show. And he did put on an entertaining show, especially when he was talking about his beloved moon rocks. I only wish I’d gotten to see more of him.