Group photo.

Our first ever Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Student field trip (1997), sponsored by the UC Davis Geology Department's Rand Schaal Field Fund. Over the years, this fund has supported many undergraduate and graduate students in their fieldwork.

Remembering Rand


Memories of Rand Schaal

From Peter O.
UC Davis: B.S. 1989, M.S. 1994

Rand Schaal was a unique person. A person not only of keen mind and intellect, but what most struck me most about Rand was his humanity, cheerful disposition, and appealing character. He was always warm, charming, friendly, and often playful or mischievous. You could always count on Rand for a laugh or a smile. I think he was ray of sunshine for all who crossed his path. Rand was the uncommon type of person that everybody liked.  The world needs more people like Rand Schaal.

I first knew of Rand as an undergraduate in the late 1980s, but I first got to know him as a graduate student at UC Davis starting in 1990. We shared the large basement office for graduate students, and I can always remember Rand tempting us into playing darts, or inviting us to his house for movie night. To me, he not only came across as a human being of remarkable civility and warmness, but he seemed to give us all that sense of  camaraderie that made graduate school such a special place in time for me. At that moment in my life, Rand was not only a valued colleague and peer, but also a friend.  I am grateful that we crossed paths, and I am sad for this loss and extend my sincere condolences to his family.