Remembering Rand


Memories of Rand Schaal

From Rob Zierenberg

February 26, 1998. Rand Schaal on the beach on Antigua Island, Caribbean.
This photo was taken during a total eclipse of the sun. Pyroclastic flows from Montserrat (island in the distance) could be seen flowing into ocean on the morning of the eclipse. All-in-all, a very fine day!

Rand on the beach.

1998. Howie Spero, Rand Schaal, and Rob Zierenberg preparing to board a helicopter to view the erupting Montserrat volcano.

Howie, Rand, and Z standing in front of a helicopter.

Fall Field Trip 2001. Rand Schaal and Rob Twiss in Tuolumne Meadow, Yosemite.

Rand and Rob Twiss.