Careers in the Geosciences

Female graduate student looking through a microscope. ©Paul Estabrook

A Geology graduate student works on her research in the 1000 ton press lab. photo ©Paul Estabrook

The Earth and Plantary Sciences Department at UC Davis strives to provide our undergraduate majors and Master’s level graduate students with an overview of careers and opportunities available in the geosciences - both during summers and after graduation. Much of the information here was compiled in Geology (GEL) 98, Winter 2008, taught by Dave Osleger and Isabel Montañez. This page is meant to serve as a helpful guideline for our students at the start of their careers as geoscientists.

"The College Majors That Are Worth It": Forbes magazine lists Geology majors as the 7th most valuable college major to earn, April 2013

"Earth works": "There's good news for aspiring geoscientists. Job opportunities at all career stages are on the rise." -Nature, May 2011


Jobs (Starting a Career)