Geology Major Study Plan: Option 1

Students at Summer Field.

GEL 103 students at Little Poleta in the White-Inyo Mountains of eastern California. 

Summer Field Geology after Junior Year

The information here is provided for your convenience; classes are subject to change. Please speak with a Geology major adviser for the latest information on a geology major study plan. These are just major classes, so be sure to check for any additional degree requirements, including General Education and your College English Composition Requirement (UWP 104E is recommended).

Classes in italics must stay in the quarter they’re listed, although not necessarily in the year listed.

The following classes are recommended for those who intend to pursue graduate degrees but are not necessarily required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Geology: MAT 21D, MAT 22A, MAT 22B, PHY 9D

The Ideal Geology Major Study Plan: Option 1

Academic Year

Fall Quarter

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter



Math 21A: Calculus (4)

Chemistry 2A: General Chemistry (5)

Total: 9 units

Math 21B: Calculus (4)

Chemistry 2B: General Chemistry (5)

Geology 50: Physical Geology (3)

Geology 50L: Physical Geology Lab (2)

Total: 14 units

Math 21C: Calculus (4)

Chemistry 2C or GEL 132 or HYD 134 (3-6)

Total: 7-10 units


Math 21D: Vector Analysis (4)

Physics 7A or 9A: Physics (4-5)

Total: 8-9 units

Math 22A: Linear Algebra (3)

Physics 7B or 9B: Physics (4-5)

Geology 3: History of Life (3)

Geology 3L: History of Life Lab (1)

Total: 11-12 units

Physics 7C or 9C: Physics (4-5)

Geology 107: Paleobiology (3)

Geology 107L: Paleobiology Lab (2)

Total: 9-10 units


Structure series

Geology 60: Earth Materials (4)

Statistics 32 or 100 (4)

Upper Division Geology Elective (3) 

Total: 9 units

Geology 101: Structural Geology (3)

Geology 101L: Structural Geology Lab (2)

Upper Division Geology Elective (3)

Total: 7 units

Geology 103: Field Geology (3)

Geology 109: Sediments and Strata (2)

Geology 109L: Sediments and Strata Lab (2)

Total: 7 units

Geology 110: Summer Field Geology (8)

Total: 8 units


Petrology series

Geology 62: Optical Mineralogy (2)

Upper Division Geology Elective (4)

Total: 6 units

Geology 105: Igneous Rocks (4)

Upper Division Geology Elective (3)

Upper Division Geology Elective (3)

Total: 10 units

Geology 106: Metamorphic Rocks (4)

Geology 108: Paleoclimates (3)

Total: 7 units

last updated 5/7/2018