Geology Minor Requirements

Students on the deck of the research vessel Mussel Point, collecting samples.

Ocenography students collect marine samples on board the research vessel Mussel Point. 

Students in other disciplines may elect to complete a minor in Geology by choosing a geological subject emphasis. The Earth and Planetary Sciences Department sponsors a number of minor programs, including minors in:

  • General Geology
  • Engineering Geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Paleobiology

In addition the Department administers three interdisciplinary minors:

  • Environmental Geology examines the multidisciplinary factors of geology and related earth science fields, and planning and resources oriented programs. Students in the minor are encouraged to participate in internship programs that assist them in solidifying the Environmental Geology minor with their Geology major or other major field areas that include geologic components. [ Environmental Geology minor program requirements ]
  • Geophysics is the study of the physical properties and processes within and surrounding the Earth. Many problems in the Earth Sciences require geophysical techniques for study. The interdisciplinary minor in geophysics is for students with backgrounds in the physical sciences, engineering and other fields who are interested in pursuing a graduate or professional career in geophysics, or those who desire a career in the energy, minerals, or environmental industries.[ Geophysics minor program requirements ]
  • Oceanography is the study of the earth's oceans, investigating connections between geological, biological, chemical and physical processes in the marine realm, and the interactions between the Earth's ocean/atmosphere system. The interdisciplinary minor in oceanography is for students with backgrounds in any of these fields, as well as those interested in marine policy and conservation. The curriculum reflects the integrative nature of oceanography, with core courses covering the major disciplines in oceanography and elective courses that allow students to cater the minor to their interests. The oceanography minor includes courses taught at the Davis campus and courses offered at Bodega Marine Laboratory. [ Oceanography minor program requirements ]

Those majoring in Geology may also elect to complete the Environmental Geology, Geophysics and Oceanography minor.

Please note: Information on the minor programs may be found in the official version of the General Catalog, prepared by the Office of the University Registrar. The interdisciplinary minors are listed in the General Catalog under Environmental Geology and Geophysics.