Students looking at roadside outcrop.

"I started out my undergraduate degree as an astronomy major.  After I took a geology class at the end of my freshman year, it made sense to me to start my planetary studies with the one closest at hand, the Earth. That is how I became a geoscientist." -Margarete Jadamec

Earth and Planetary Sciences Undergraduate Advisors

Staff Advisor: 
Peer Advisors:
  • Gabriel Haro, a 3rd year Geology major.
  • Brendan O’Shea, a 4th year Marine and Coastal Science major.

Drop in or schedule an appointment through the Advising Appointment System.

Winter Quarter 2017 Peer Advisor Drop-in Hours (room 2119):

    • Monday:
      • 10 am -12 pm (Gabe)
      • 1-2 pm (Gabe)
      • 1:30 - 3:30 pm (Brendan)
    • Wednesday:
      • 10 am - 12 pm (Brendan)
      • 1 - 4 pm (Gabe)
    • Friday:
      • 10 am -12 pm (Brendan)
Faculty Advisors:
  • Geology Major: All geology undergrads should meet with their assigned advisor once a year.

student's last name from A-H: Jim McClain
student's last name from I-P: Ryosuke Motani
student's last name from Q-Z: Michael Oskin

Tessa Hill
Ryosuke Motani

Faculty Advisors

Environmental Geology: Ken Verosub
Geophysics: Magali Billen
Oceanography: Tessa Hill

Earth and Planetary Sciences Mandatory Advising