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Wednesday Seminar in Geology: GEL 190/290
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Friday, May 29th, 2020, Friday Lunch Seminar


12:10 PM, Zoom Meeting (invite will be sent to gel-seminar)
Compositions of late accreted planetesimals  -- by Phil Carter, UC Davis

The presence of highly siderophile elements in Earth’s mantle indicates that a small percentage of the Earth’s mass was delivered after the closure of Earth’s core. The origin of 'late accreted' bodies is unknown, but the lack of a substantial outer solar system isotopic signature suggests that most late-accreted mass originated in the inner regions of the planet-forming disk near where the Earth formed. We will examine the compositions of planetesimals 'left over' from the main period of accretion in the terrestrial planet region. Many of these left over bodies are planetesimal-sized fragments ejected from planet embryos in collisions millions of years earlier.  If these fragments are later accreted by the planets, they would represent late accreted mass with isotopic compositions that naturally match the composition of the planet.