Students at tide pool

MCSci Undergrad Research

UC Davis has many opportunities for undergraduates to participate in high-quality, hands-on research – and the marine sciences are no exception.

Students wanting to know basic information about undergraduate research at UC Davis are encouraged to visit the Undergraduate Research Center. They provide information to get you started, funding, Opportunities for publishing, and the annual undergraduate research conference.

Marine and Coastal Science advisors and faculty advisors are one of your best resources for finding research opportunities. Faculty advisors can provide excellent guidance, and are a great place to start networking in order to find research positions.

The best way to find a research opportunity is to ask faculty who you are most interested in working with. Learn a little about what they do online, then ask if they have opportunities for undergraduates to join their lab or project. A full list of faculty working in the marine sciences can be found at the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute faculty page.