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MCSci Transfer Students

The UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences department welcomes prospective transfer students from the California Community College system. We also recognize the difficulties some of you might encounter in completing our undergraduate degree program in two years. Many of our courses are only offered once a year, and careful planning is needed to complete the degree requirements. The following information is provided for your convenience, but is not meant to replace a consultation with one of our undergraduate advisors.

Prior to transferring into UC Davis, students must meet the Transfer Admission requirements. For the Marine and Coastal Science major at UC Davis, we strongly recommend that transfer students complete preparatory coursework equivalent to the following:

  • BIS 2A-B-C
  • CHE 2A-B-C
  • MAT 16A-B-C or 17A-B-C or 21A-B-C
  • PHY 7A-B-C or 9A-B-C
  • CHE 8A-B (for focus in Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology only)

Students interested in the focus area in Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology must complete prerequisite courses to be eligible for admission. 

Please use to find course equivalents between your community college and UC Davis.

The following is a sample study plan. It assumes that you’ve completed the above listed preparatory coursework. It includes Bodega Marine Lab coursework during the summer after Junior year, but this requirement can be fulfilled in different ways or at a different time. 

The information here is provided for your convenience; classes are subject to change. See your major advisor for help creating a personalized academic plan.

MCSci Sample Study Plans for Transfers (pdf)

Year 1

  • Fall Quarter Total: 11-13 units
    • BIS 101* (4)
    • Depth Course (4-5)
    • Focus Course (3-4)
  • Winter Quarter Total: 6-7 units 
    • BIS 105* (3)
    • Focus Course (3-4)
  • Spring Quarter Total: 10 units  
    • BIS 104* (3)
    • GEL/ESP 150A** (4)
    • GEL/ESP 116N (3)
  • Summer Total: 10 units 
    • Research/Internship (3)
    • Focus Course (4)
    • GEL/ESP 150C** (3)

Year 2

  • Fall Quarter Total: 11-13 units 
    • STA 100 (4)
    • Depth Course (4-5)
    • Breadth Course (3-4) 
  • Winter Quarter Total: 6-7 units
    • GEL/ESP 150B** (3)
    • Breadth Course (3-4) 
  • Spring Quarter Total: 6-8 units
    • Focus Course (3-4)
    • Breadth Course (3-4)
    • EVE/ESP 111 (1)
  • Summer
    • No classes

*Only required for the focus in Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology
**Choose two from GEL/ESP 150A, 150B, and 150C 

Scholarships in Geology and Marine ScienceScholarships in Geology and Marine and Coastal Science (GeMS)

The UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences department has funds from the National Science Foundation (S-STEM Program) for undergraduate scholarships of up to $8,000, potentially renewable for multiple years. 

Junior College and Community College students planning to apply for admission to UC Davis as Geology or Marine and Coastal Science majors (in the College of Letters & Science) are encouraged to apply.

All awards are capped at the student’s individual Financial Aid eligibility and may be limited by the availability of funding.